Force of Destiny

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Logic Law

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by Time.
Truth around 1645

The exquisite sculpture of Bernini,
as an allegory of life today
by abuse of power, money
and strength.

The Rape of Proserpina.

Justice at the
Local Government
Blind & Off Balance, - Spin.

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Force of Destiny
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Logic Law
Baillie and Statute Law Database
Argue Penalty Charge Notice
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Barnet V Moses, Court Transcript
Motorist Victories
Council Abuse areas of the law
Complaints and abuses
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Logic and Reasoning
The Three Laws of Thought
Syllogistic Reasoning
Elementary Formal Logic
Scientific Methodology
Unambiguous Contextual Inferencing
Formal LogicTruth Table Matrices
Formal Fallacies of Reasoning
Special Fallacies of Conduct Logic
Fallacies of Conduct – Councils
Class Concept reasoning Venn
Critical Thinking

Law (General)
DCA Civil Procedure Rules
UK Human Rights Act 1998
Baillie Case Law
Statute Law Database (all UK Acts)
The Privity Rule 1861 overturned in a few minutes with Amtrak Express Parcels Ltd.
Law (Traffic)
Winter V Central London Metropolitan Police, seat belt case, victory with costs.
The PCA caught in their contradictions and the CPS caught short too.

Road Traffic Act 1991
The bill of Rights
(early argument)
The Bill of Rights, Arguments dismantled, (awaiting release)
The Honest PATAS / NPAS Flowchart
Traffic Press Releases
Motorist Restitution in Court Parking Penalty Refunds, Statute of Limitations & 'Mistake of Fact' Nov 2006, case precedent
Council's Breaking the Law, RTA 1991, Schedule 6, wilful omissions contrary to statute
Template Letters, Barnet V Moses, Refunds, How to defend yourself and lots more,dozens of pages.
Pete's Legal Article on Illegal Private Car Park PCNs, a guide to an effective defence


Contributions Personal Pages
J. Doe's Court victory in Southend on Sea, three PCN refunds ordered.
Fred's Victory in Dorset, PCN cancelled and damages obtained
Lmag's Hyams V Camden, PCN declared a Nullity and Unenforceable
Cases coming shortly.
Another V Hillington
Another V Greenwich
Another V Oxford
Another V Camden
Another 1 V Camden
Another 2 V Camden
Another 3 V Camden

The Conduct Fallacy LIST click here.

Spoken, Printed and other ambiguous & fallacious arguments,
Asymmetry of information and noblesse oblige,
Amalgam of stature, praise, inconsistencies, and messy ring
fenced semantics.
Background, settings,
Based on the evidence
Available at the time
Binding and Unbinding the Disjunct and Conjunct.
Cannot see, I am unaware.
Choice of words,
Clothing, dress code,
De Facto, De Jure, Hypocrisy,
Differences not similarities, Similarities not differences, and
Subtracting a vital attribute.
Emphasis, and materially implying a contrary.
Female, Woman,
Height, Distance, making you wait,
Hypostasising a concept,
Insult, Invidiousness, Prejudice,
joke, only a joke,
Latin, sayings, & maxims – lifting the veil.
Literally, Interpretative,
Locution, locutionary, illocutionary and perlocutionary acts.
Meanings, erroneous,
humour, loose, misunderstood, punning,
Keyword associations,
Limitation of disjunctions,
Moving the goalposts, realigning the law.
Position at table or in order of appearance,
Reinforcing speakers by addition,
Repeating three times, repeating the question,
Selection bias,
Sense and Reference
Sequence of speakers,
Strict meaning, for them not for you,
Switching personnel, or arguments,
Temporal misalignment,
Terms of reference,
Variable meaning, for them not for you,
Word frequency, weighting,
Gestured, Face, hands, body,
Thumbs up, down,
Code of,
Force, size and threats implied or real,
Bullying, verbally or physically,
Changing the argument or direction,
Veils of deception,
Ignoring arguments or premises,
Suppressio veri, Hiding, Ignoring, Not seeing
Suggestio falsi, Implying, Suggesting falsity,
Agenda, Bias, income, independence,
Indirect means, closing doors narrowing opportunities, Carrot and
Commercial, punitive interest,
Abused legal authority.

The Classic Fallacy LIST click here.

  1. Ad Hominem

  2. Ad Hominem Tu Quoque

  3. Appeal to the Consequences of a Belief

  4. Appeal to Authority

  5. Non-Fallacious Appeals to Authority

  6. Appeal to Belief

  7. Appeal to Common Practice

  8. Appeal to Emotion

  9. Appeal to Popularity

  10. Appeal to Emotion

  11. Appeal to Fear

  12. Appeal to Flattery

  13. Appeal to Novelty

  14. Appeal to Pity

  15. Appeal to Popularity

  16. Appeal to Ridicule

  17. Appeal to Spite

  18. Appeal to Tradition

  19. Begging the Question

  20. Biased Generalization

  21. Burden of Proof

  22. Circumstantial Ad Hominem

  23. Fallacy of Composition

  24. Confusing Cause and Effect

  25. False Dilemma

  26. Gambler’s Fallacy

  27. Genetic Fallacy

  28. Guilt by Association

  29. Hasty Generalization

  30. Ignoring a Common Cause

  31. Middle Ground

  32. Misleading Vividness

  33. Peer Pressure

  34. Personal Attack

  35. Poisoning the Well

  36. Post Hoc

  37. Questionable Cause

  38. Red Herring

  39. Relativist Fallacy

  40. Slippery Slope

  41. Special Pleading

  42. The Principle of Relevant Difference

  43. Spotlight

  44. Straw Man

  45. Two Wrongs Make a Right

  46. Who is to Say?

Introduction to Logic click here.
Chapters ready for reading have 1st letter in Pale red as Preamble.
A General Introduction and Preamble on Sentences, Propositions & Fallacies with legal anecdotes.
What is Logic? An easy quick primer at 'O', 'A', level and beyond.
Aristotelian Logic and Syllogisms. Framing a question that gets closer to the truth.
Formal Logic.
The Three Laws of Thought.
Minimal Truth tables.
Disjunctive and Conjunctive Truth Tables, the Scientific Methodology.
Essential tools of Integrity.
Venn Diagrams and Boolean logic explained.
Knowledge, Truth, Probability and Belief.
A brief look at the nature of Knowledge and TRUTH as opposed to belief.
A few unacceptable consequences of formal reasoning
A look at the more complex calculus of logic.
THE 'sui generis' Fallacy list by Questor © to augment the one on this site provided by Dr. La Bossiere.
Instant recognition of fallacious forms in tone, fraudulent questions with purpose and the like.
Affirmations are of some, but little advantage, resolving inconsistencies, and denials are the key.
Glossary of Terms.

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