Law, morals, sincerity and truth.


In contemplation of a legal fight,

Comes many a concurrent sleepless night.

While false opponent equivocates proof,

Seek clarity and cleansing water's truth.

Plaintiff by contradictions be undone,

As probability reach close to One.

Falsehoods, his memory be shackled would,

Where full truth, remembrance unfettered stood.

Pure logic's contemplation fix; not lose,

And watch opponent stride to'ards hangman's noose.

Frame fatal question's form, guilt's can't deny,

Watch blushful face, from steadfast, turn awry.

Painèd logic's truth, acquires 'fee simple',

Outcome will 'nolle prosequi' propel.


'Truth, the Whole truth and Nothing but..', is best,

While 'Truth and Nothing but..', leaves out the rest.

Stealthy lawyers; by close selection sets,

Present persuasive cases like cadets,

Whose exclusions like 'suppressio veri's',

To th'unwary, make 'suggestio falsi's'

When 'full disclosure'; lawful, be withheld,

Unjust sentences make, nought there expelled.

Difficult indeed to form conclusions,

Whose truth relies on 'Whole truth' bastions.

Last resort those logical conjectures,

Which explain those; 'must have been', abductures.

Thus stealth perceived, by grievèd stealth combat,

Logic's laws clean all space' and time's caveat.

(fee-simple: in absolute possession.

nolle prosequi: to abandon (a suit or indictment))

(suppressio veri: Misrepresentation of the truth by concealing facts which ought to be made known.

suggestio falsi:A misrepresentation of the truth whereby something incorrect is implied to be true; an indirect lie.)

Comment, the author has put forward an alternative to the maxim above, as:

'Truth, the Whole truth and Nothing but's the test,

While 'Truth and Nothing but..', leaves out the best.